Meet the Team

Renee Pennell

President - Owner

Under the leadership and direction of Renee Pennell, CMS has grown to be an industry leader in development, ingenuity and craftsmanship. Earning her B.A. from the University of Mississippi in 1993, and furthering her skills with a M.S. from the University of South Alabama in 1995, Renee has placed herself in prime position to be a leader and presents a positive working atmosphere.

Born and raised a true Mississippi Coast native, Renee has hopes of extending professional expertise to the community and home she loves.

Trey Pennell

Vice President - Owner

Since 1999, Trey has guided the company forward and upward from every angle, ensuring that the quality of work and knowledge of the industry develops hand in hand.

As a Mississippi Coast native, he has defined the area as home and has extended his reach across the Gulf. Always looking for the next innovation, Trey continues to guide CMS into the future of commercial interiors.

Tyler Gallagher

Drafting - Marketing

Tyler Gallagher has ten years of experience in networking, marketing, and computer design. Graduating from the University of Mississippi, Tyler puts his knowledge of computer applications, design and marketing to great use as an AutoCAD designer.

His ability to learn and adapt to new situations has been a vital part of his success with CMS. A combination of computer savvy and an aspiring designer, Tyler has found an outlet that appeals to all of his interests within the CMS family.